Prepaid collect calls are collect calls paid for in advance. The inmate’s family and friends can deposit money to an account associated with their telephone number, so it can be used only to call telephones designated by the account holder. In the event that an inmate calls a number where a collect call cannot be billed, a complimentary, one time call is allowed. During this call, the parties will be instructed that future calls to this number will require setup of a prepaid account. Called parties will also be given the telephone number and website information for Correct Solutions Group’s call center to establish accounts. 



Correct Solutions Group’s PIN debit account system allows inmates to place calls utilizing the funds maintained in the inmates’ individual PIN-based accounts. In addition, Correct Solutions Group can integrate it’s software with the correctional facility’s jail management system or commissary software package to provide PIN Debit service with minimal administrative burden. The inmate’s family and friends can deposit money to a PIN Debit account, if the Facility provides this option, so it can be used to call any telephone number.



Inmates may purchase phone cards to make telephone calls at discounted rates, if the Facility provides this option. Typically, Correct Solutions Group will sell phone cards through the correctional facility’s commissary vendor. Our phone cards are an integrated part of Correct Solutions Group’s Commander Nexus Call Control System. This system maintains all call control features during phone card calls and provides reporting capability directly to the facility for all phone card transactions. 



You can also deposit funds into an inmate’s Commissary account, if the Facility provides this option. This allows the inmate to use the funds in his/her account for items they can purchase in Commissary, if the facility provides this option. Furthermore, the inmate can choose to purchase phone cards through this method of payment.




To set up or add funds to a Pre-Paid Collect account or PIN Debit account, you can contact our customer service representatives or go to our web payment site: See more information on the Friends/Family page.


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