Our goal is to provide great products and exceptional customer service to our partners. CSG values the relationship we have with each of our customers.


"The Tensas Parish Sheriff’s Department and the Tensas Parish Detention Center has been directly involved with Correct Solutions for several years. During this time we have established a great working relationship. I am very pleased with their product, performance and professionalism.  But above all this, I value the bond of friendship and trust that has evolved during this working relationship."

Sheriff Rickey A. Jones

Tensas Parish, LA

“Here at Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office, we are the largest sheriff’s office in Arkansas and run one of the top 100 largest detention facilities in the nation. Correct Solutions has been our telecommunications provider since 2016 and has always made the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office feel like we are their number one priority for our customer service needs.

The team at Correct Solutions, especially Rick Ferguson and Rick Pruitt go above and beyond to resolve any issues in a timely manner. I would recommend their company to any agency that was looking for a professional group, committed to excellent service. We look forward to many years of a great partnership.”

Sheriff Doc Holladay

Pulaski County, AR

"We are extremely satisfied with the pay telephone system that Correct Solutions provides to the McIntosh County Office of the Sheriff. The customer service has been great, with an unbelievable response time. All of the staff have been very professional and trustworthy. Many thanks to Correct Solutions!"

Sheriff Stephen Jessup

McIntosh County, GA

"We've been using Correct Solutions Group for our inmate phone service since Dec. 2014.  We agreed to a lower percentage than what I had with our previous inmate phone company and I'm getting more money now than before. They have gone above and beyond to meet our needs. The customer service they provide is exceptional.  Rick Ferguson calls me periodically to make sure we are well taken care of.   Thank you Rick and your team at Correct Solutions, I am a very satisfied customer."

Sheriff Scott Montgomery

Perry County Sheriff's Office
Perryville, AR

"CSG has been awesome in serving us and has been great in staying in contact with us.  CSG is always responsive and gives the utmost attention to detail…..we appreciate the friendship and partnership and all that Correct Solutions does for us."

Warden Jeffie Walker
Miller County Detention Center

Texarkana, AR

“Maintaining a detention facility requires constant attention to its daily operations to ensure it is running correctly, smoothly, and as efficiently as possible. Correct Solutions has been key to keeping an efficient detention center. In the past, deputies were needed to perform tasks which took up most their shift, but with their service, I now have those deputies free to perform other tasks within the facility. It doesn’t stop there, their customer service and staff is second to none, and they are quick to correct any problems you may have. Correct Solutions provides a great product and I highly recommend their service.” 

Captain Halbert Torraca

Crawford County
Van Buren, AR

Captain Jeremy Guyll
Benton County Sheriff's Office
Bentonville, AR

"The Benton County Sheriff’s Office has developed an outstanding relationship with Correct Solutions Group, over the last six years. The revenues we have generated have been a tremendous help to our County in creating new positions that were much needed, without the burden being placed on the Benton County taxpayers. I cannot say enough about their company and team members.

Correct Solutions Group is a family, faith-based business.  The level of kindness and professionalism the employees exhibit, strongly display the values of the company.  Their customer service is second to none in the industry. No one compares to these guys! Not only do they offer phones services, but also are very involved with training their clients in different areas of the industry. Our agency is so fortunate to have their services, and honored to have built long lasting friendships and strong relationships."

“The White County Sheriff’s Office & Detention facility have seen a significant change in the performance in our inmate telephone provider, Correct Solutions Group, since switching our service to CSG August 2014. The customer service and partnership they bring to the relationship has met or exceeded expectations, and this is what matters most to our administration.

The relationship with “Rick & Rick” is unique and special to say the least. We look forward to a great future and continued success with Correct Solutions Group.”

Major Clayton Edwards

White County Sheriff's Office
Searcy, AR

“In 2014 the Washington County Sheriff’s Office changed our inmate telephone provider to Correct Solutions Group. We have seen improved performance with this change. They have gone above and beyond to meet our needs. The customer service they provide is exceptional and Rick & Rick are always working hard to make sure we are well taken care of. This new partnership has been very beneficial to our office and we look forward to our future growth with Correct Solutions Group."

Major Randall Denzer
Washington County Sheriff's Office
Fayetteville, AR

“Correct Solutions has been a great move for us here at Miller County Detention.  When we transitioned from our former provider, it was done without inmates missing any call time at all. (The CSG team) spent the time needed at our facility to design exactly what we needed.  They were hands on in getting the equipment installed and on line.  The product is absolutely great and the profitability for Miller County is up. We appreciate the quality of product, but even more we appreciate the Correct Solutions family for the support they provide us.

From the owners of the company to Rick and Rick, they are a company of integrity and a true pleasure to work with.
We are happy to offer our praise to Correct Solutions Group and would strongly recommend them to anyone looking for a quality inmate phone service.”

Miller County Detention Facility

Texarkana, AR

Since switching to Correct Solutions group we have seen our revenue from the inmate phones more than double!

This has been done without the inmate population spending more on phone usage. This is good, since we know the true provider of funds to these accounts are the inmates’ families.

Correct Solutions service has been impeccable. When issues arise, you should expect prompt, professional service...every time.

Benton County Jail

Bentonville, AR

"In 2016, the Craighead County Detention Center contracted our inmate phone services with Rick Ferguson and Correct Solutions. We had been contracted through another provider for several years and decided it was time to look at other options.

After considering three different providers of inmate phone systems we went with Correct Solutions and the decision has been great! I was concerned with the transition process but it was very quick and efficient. We stayed at the same service rate that we were previously at but our profit margin has increased over 30% and the customer service is outstanding!

One of the most important upgrades that Correct Solutions made possible for our facility was the phone visitation system that has increased the level of security and decreased the contraband that can come into the detention center. I would highly recommend anyone looking for an inmate phone provider to consider Correct Solutions, I feel fortunate to have found a company that still knows that customer service matters."

Sheriff Marty Boyd

Craighead County, AR

"Our Agency currently uses Correct Solutions as the provider for our inmate communications. We have contracted with CSG for a number of years now and have always received top quality products, service and support. They offer a wide variety of services which benefit both our Agency and the families and friends of our inmates. We would recommend Correct Solutions to any Agency looking to implement or improve their inmate communication services."

Sheriff Gary Sexton

Webster Parish Sheriff's Office
Minden, LA

"Correct Solutions has been a
superb company to do business
with! Their customer service is
great. The guys there respond
very quickly and go above
and beyond
to help."

Chief Deputy Jack McKeithen

Caldwell Parish, LA

"The Cleburne County Sheriff’s Office and Cleburne County Jail have found a successful partner in Correct Solutions Group.  Their quality, professionalism, and personal touch have far exceeded our expectations.  We consider Correct Solutions Group part of our Sheriff’s Office family, and are pleased to continue doing business with them. 

Their work quality is second to none, and the personal touch displayed by their employees and embraced by their management are the mark of a great company.  On the very rare occasion that we have an issue, their staff has jumped in immediately, working to correct and prevent anything further from occurring.  They are phenomenal, and I highly recommend them to anyone who is in the market."

Sheriff Chris Brown

Cleburne County Sheriff's Office
Heber Springs, AR

“The Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office took advantage of an opportunity to receive inmate telephone service from Correct Solutions Group in October 2014.  Since that time, the Tulsa County Jail has received quality service which provides ways for our inmates to connect with those most important to them.  Rick Ferguson places an emphasis on old fashioned customer service, with a solid personal relationship built on trust and 24/7 accessibility.  We look forward to moving into the future with CSG, and have complete confidence because of the success we’ve seen in their services.”

Undersheriff George W. Brown

Tulsa County Sheriff's Office
Tulsa, OK

"Quality work and friendliness is why I chose to work with Correct Solutions. I have found them to be very professional and trustworthy."

Sheriff Clay Bennett

Caldwell Parish, LA

“Correct Solutions has exceeded our expectations since coming on board in 2014. Of course, I’ve known Rick Ferguson for a number of years and have always found him to be helpful, encouraging and a man of integrity. I knew when I met the owners, we had made the right decision to partner with Correct Solutions to provide vital services within the Washington County Sheriff’s Office.

I realize most, if not all companies provide very similar products but what the others cannot match is the “top to bottom” sense of integrity and service of others above self-attitude.

​​We look forward to many years of a productive partnership with Correct Solutions.”

Sheriff Tim Helder
Washington County Sheriff's Office
Fayetteville, AR

“Since switching our inmate phone service to Correct Solutions Group, our profits have increased, customer services has greatly improved, and the opportunity working with the crew at CSG has been a blessing. There are not many weeks that we don’t have contact with Rick Ferguson, “a vital member of CSG” and if we ever have problems, Rick Pruitt (Technical Support) gets things handled quickly. They always make sure things are running properly. We here at the Van Buren County Sheriff’s Office Strongly recommend anyone needing to improve or get new inmate phone service to take the time to see what CSG can do for you.”

Sheriff Scott Bradley, Retired
Van Buren County
Clinton, AR

“Correct Solutions made our transition so easy.  The staff have always been kind, courteous and ready to help.  The biggest blessing for me is that it isn’t just about a business relationship, it is a friendship.  When I receive a call from Rick Ferguson or Rick Pruitt, the first thing they always ask is “How’s the family?” and if I call them with a problem, they solve it that day.  For me, that is what I appreciate so much about those two and the business they conduct.  The Team within Correct Solutions is a family, and they work hard to make sure their customers are happy.”

Miller County Detention Facility

Texarkana, AR

Since Correct Solutions has come on board with the Crawford County Sheriff’s Department, it has been a great partnership. The system they have in place is great for our needs and I have zero complaints with their company. It has been a 100% positive experience. If I have a question, they are always available with the answers. They will work with you to get you the best system that will work for you. They are always in contact with you to make sure everything is up and running to your standards.


The people at Correct Solutions are some of the best people I have had the pleasure to work with during my 10 years in Law Enforcement. In my opinion the people go above and beyond in their job duties, which is a rare quality to find. I cannot stress enough how working with great people makes my job easier. It is hard to find a company with a great product, great service, and great people but with these guys you get all three. I would recommend Correct Solutions to anyone who is in need of their services.

Crawford County Jail

Van Buren, AR


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