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Who is Correct Solutions?

Correct Solutions is the exclusive provider of inmate telephone service at a jail where an inmate is attempting to call you. The only calls allowed from correctional facilities are collect calls or prepaid calls from the one company contracted by the correctional facility to provide inmate phone service.

What is the best way to open an account quickly?

You can open an account by calling our Customer Service line at 877-618-3516 or by making a payment online. Click on the FRIENDS/FAMILY tab above to be directed to our Customer Service and online payment website
Per transaction, the maximum amount to add to an account is $50. There is also a convenience processing fee that will be added to the total of your transaction. This fee covers credit card processing, as well as ensures that your pre-paid account is updated within 30 minutes after the transaction has been made.

How can I make a payment?

It's easy to add money to an existing account. You must have a debit or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, or Discover) with you to start an account or add funds to an account. With that in hand, call our Customer Service line at 877-618-3516 or go to our online payment portal. Per transaction, the maximum amount to add to an account is $50. When making a payment on an account using a credit/debit card, you will be charged a convenience processing fee that will be added to the total of your transaction. You can also send in a U.S. Postal Money Order to the Correct Solutions office. There is no extra fee when sending in a U.S. Postal Money Order.

How is telephone usage determined?

Phone privileges are established by each individual correctional facility. This includes the hours each day the phones are available, the time limit on calls, and in some cases what numbers are allowed to be called. Correct Solutions does not determine the allowed hours of operation or call length. As made aware to the called party, all of our correctional facilities' calls are recorded and monitored.

How do I block my number?

If you would like to stop all calls from a Correct Solutions jail facility, please contact Customer Service at 877-618-3516 to request your number to be blocked from all future calls. Correct Solutions does not charge a fee for blocking your number from the facility.

Why are calls blocked? Here are a few reasons:

Correct Solutions has an allowed dollar amount of collect calls on a per ANI (number) that will be billed through your Local Telephone Company. When the dollar amount of calls accepted on your phone number has exceeded this billing limit (high toll) within a 30 day period, your number is automatically blocked.


The local or wireless telephone company you have chosen does not provide billing for collect calls. To receive calls you will need to open an account directly with Correct Solutions.


 You have an existing Correct Solutions Prepaid Account and your account balance does not have available funds. Please check your account balance and make a payment by calling Customer Service.


Your local telephone company has a collect call block on your phone line with or without your knowledge. If you wish to have the block removed, you will need to contact your local telephone company. This request may take 2-3 days to complete. If you would like to receive calls today you can call Customer Service to open a Correct Solutions Prepaid Account.


The person who is responsible for this phone number requested Customer Service to block your number.


The Jail has placed a block on your number. To have your number unblocked, please contact the Jail to have the block on your phone number removed, if allowed.

Why are some calls disconnected?

Calls may be disconnected if any of the following activities occur during a call:

- Stop talking without hanging up.
- Attempts to make a 3-way call.
- Attempt to answer Call Waiting.
- Attempt to put a call on hold.
- Attempt to transfer a call in a PBX setting.
- Use of a cordless phone (static & signal strength).
- Use of a wireless phone (dropped cell tower or static).

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