Correct Solutions provides several Value-Added Services and Features at no additional cost to the Facilities. Here are some of our unique and beneficial services that we proudly offer.





Correct Solutions Group’s voice mail exchange system is specifically designed for use in correctional facilities. This feature allows for friends and family to leave voice messages for Inmates. A fee is deducted from the friends and family prepaid account for each voicemail message. Completely integrated into the Commander Nexus call control systems, it requires no additional hardware. 


Facility personnel are continually burdened by message requests. Allowing inmate families and friends to leave brief voice mail messages, you will alleviate this responsibility from facility staff. Inmates can retrieve these messages directly from their existing cell block telephones, therefore no contact is made with the corrections officers. 







Correct Solutions Group’s InTouch Inmate assistance hotline provides a speed dial number that will connect inmates to one of our specially trained customer services representatives. Inmates can use the hotline to resolve dialing issues, report equipment damage, and to address general complaints. InTouch will virtually eliminate complaints reported to correctional facility staff. Facilities that use the InTouch Inmate Assistance Hotline are amazed at how effective this service is.

InTouch is not a messaging service, but a service that will provide assistance to help connect the inmates to their friends and family members. 











Voice Vantage technology provides a biometric confirmation of a PIN user using 2 factor authentication, insuring a proper match of the inmate and their PIN account. When an inmate PIN is entered, his/her voice recording is confirmed against a pre-recorded record of his/her voice. This is the least intrusive biometric technology and requires no additional hardware on the phone.


•Automated enrollment process
•No additional system administration requirement
•Verification process is controlled automatically thru PIN administration process

•Same performance regardless of language, gender or accent



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